Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A cross-country move, jumping in with both feet and art creeps back into my life

It’s been about a year since I picked up a brush, or did anything having to do with art. Many have questioned my all-or-nothing approach and why I had to make such a clean break.

It’s not all that difficult to understand. When you are creating art for a living (and anything else for that matter), the pressure to keep those bills paid can take a serious toll on your enjoyment of that activity. In the case of artistic endeavors, it can take a serious toll on your creative freedom.

My financial and personal world fell apart in 2009, right along with just about everyone else’s. In my desperate attempts to hold it all together; I lost my desire to paint. Everything that was calming about it became filled with anxiety. The strength I once felt became emptiness. The fascination turned to foolishness. I developed an aversion to art, literally feeling sick just going near my easel or even a gallery.

Despite all of those feelings, I knew, given the time, I would come back to painting. It’s a constant in my life. The most wonderful thing about painting is that even without practicing; I can pick up a brush a year later and it’s like I never stopped. So a new series is in the works, based on my new/old hometown and the people in it: Miami.

Below is a preview of a work in progress. I'll elaborate more on the move in next week's blog.
If you live in the South Florida area, my past works can be seen at GAB Studio (Wynwood design district) for the next two weeks. Come by this Thursday between 7-10 and I'll be there!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


Rebecca said...

your new WIP is simply breath taking! I love it!

Michael Bailey said...

We've all gone through transformations because of this downturn (and other reasons) but it is really nice to see you back and working. Nice WIP!

LoLo said...

Love. Happy for you =) Trust the flow and enjoy your journey. It has been over a year and a half since I've painted.

Mutrux Studio Blog said...

Thanks Rebecca!

Michael, it's true. Unless you can accept change you aren't really growing.

Thank you, I hope you get back to it in time. You'll know when it's right. <3