Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slow Like Honey

She's up for auction on Facebook this week, in a full size (22x28") framed giclee on canvas. Hand embellished, signed and numbered (#2/195)

This is one of the original 3 that launched my nude series in 2008. Painting the body angle was a struggle, and there was a moment when I considered abandoning the painting. I remember staring at the unfinished nude, thinking it needed something...and then hibiscus flowers were on the canvas within minutes. People often mention Hawaii when they see this one, but for me, the hibiscus flowers come from my home in Florida.

The original sold quickly, within a month from completing the painting. In fact, every one of the original three flew out the door. Which is why I'm happy to be able to reproduce Slow Like Honey in a fine art giclee.

If you'd like to place a bid on this giclee, you can find the Facebook auction here. Just comment to bid. Or friend request me if you aren't already one :)
Auction ends April 5th!

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Antonio Estevez said...

Wow I love this one. The flowers definitely complete the piece.