Saturday, August 8, 2009

fruits and veggies for mental health

I've been in a holding pattern for the past six months, artistically and in my life. It's been a tough year, financially and emotionally. I try to stay disciplined, forcing myself to sit down and pick up that brush no matter what. This is my livelihood, after all. I don't have the luxury of putting my paints aside waiting for inspiration.
Some healing was in order, and to do so, I turned to an old friend, the still life.

16 years ago, I took a few college oil painting classes, and didn't do very well. In fact, I dropped out twice. A few years later, I tried painting again, on my own terms. I bought some cheap 16x20 canvas and painted a single big fruit on each. There was a pepper (left), a lemon, and a peach. These forgiving orbs lacked skeletal structure, making it easy to concentrate on color, form and light. My success allowed me to gain confidence, branching out in to potted plants and eventually, the human form.

Painting a still life is a type of meditation for me, and in that meditation, ideas form. I've been simmering the proverbial idea cauldron for months, and now I have a new direction. The fruit and veggies will be set aside for a later date (once I finish the few left on the easel).

Purple Pepper (2000)

Some new mini paintings:



images © Marni Mutrux 2009

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andrew said...

You have a hand for natural painting and they look very close to reality.Well you can draw about healthy living and eating and make a niche there.

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