Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Mini Paintings and a Studio Update

I've been working away this week, finishing up two new paintings in my ongoing figure series, plus mini's and commissions. Taking a quick count, I have 17 paintings going at once. Even by my standards, that's a lot!

It's not over-ambition (well, maybe a little), but my process that makes this the norm. Working in oil, it's important that the paint dries before I continue onto the next layer. I like to work in intense, straight-out-of the-tube colors, and if you work a painting too much while it's wet, those colors mix together and become mud. By letting each layer dry, I can layer a transparent wash of cadmium green over pink, and they don't blend together.

I have a few new mini paintings completed. My favorite of the three is the poppy. I just love them, and their thin, nearly transparent petals.

Cherry Love

Ginger Cat (sold)

On the show front, I've been doing some serious thinking about the festival circuit and where I need to focus. Financially, many of these shows are out of reach, so I'll be cutting back significantly. I dropped the Mill Valley, Beverly Hills and Sacramento shows, but added a small event at a Polo club in Petaluma on the 19th. I'll continue to add small events for the rest of the year, when opportunities arise.

Instead, I'll be focusing my efforts on gallery shows, and improving and expanding my jewelry line. I feel silly just saying I have a jewelry line, because I'm not a jeweler-but I have one. Go figure.

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Cindy said...

Adorable new minis! Would love to see the two new figures too!