Saturday, June 13, 2009

Countdown to Marin

Time is whipping by me as I prepare for the Marin Art Festival, June 21-22.

To be my guest at the most beautiful art festival in the country next weekend, print this free admission ticket to save yourself $10 per person.

There are paintings to finish, prints to make, and giclees to stretch. My list is always a mile long preparing for these shows, but I have the hang of it now. The trick is to do what is absolutely needed first. If the rest doesn’t get done, it will be ready for the next show!

I’m going to post a few I completed last month, since they never graced the pages of my blog. New paintings are in the works, and I’m so excited to finally feel the gates of possibility opening up once more.

30x40" Quincy Jones, a commission.

A few more of the continuing mini series:
Goldfish #7 -sold

Daylily buy

Petals buy

White Dress #4 buy


Andrew Kottenstette said...

I was just consulting with an artist here who is fretting about the delicacy re-stretching paintings. She has never transfered her work to Giclee. I'm presuming this is because her work is rather large.
Is there the same delicacy involved? We both work inside a building that has a well-established Giclee business renting out what used to be the central post office, and what used to me a cavernous, well-lit sorting room. So...maybe we ought to just walk over and ask. What say you about Giclee stretching though?

suziart said...

I am speechless, your work is stunning.

Mutrux Studio Blog said...


Giclee stretching is fairly easy if you are used to stretching canvas. You don't need to pull the canvas as hard, and it's a little tricky getting the image to line up with the stretcher bars. That's the hardest part. I do fairly large ones, up to 30x40" so far.

Mutrux Studio Blog said...

Thank you Suziart!

Andrew Kottenstette said...

Hmmm! 30 x 40.
I'll have her check it out. She's Sara Cothren on my links. I'm stretching about five canvasses for her now in the basement. I've been taking pictures of the work environment, etc, dumb things I hadn't learned yet. Like using that gesso that's so thick you have to spread it with a knife.

More power to you at the fair!

I'm also putting a painting on plywood onto something she can put a frame around with a set back margin...after she'd finished the painting. Pretty tricky, but it can be done.