Friday, October 10, 2008

A little whine

This weekend is San Luis Obispo's Open Studio's Tour. They make a big deal of it, printing a glossy catalog of the participating artists with maps. It costs a fair amount to enter, and the catalog sells for a steep $20.

Artists are spread throughout the county and traffic to your studio is mostly determined by location. I'm sure there are artists who do more promotion than I have, but after having my studio open all last year, I've come to realize that my time and money are better spent elsewhere.

Anyhow, I'm incredibly bored. Only two people have walked in in two days, and they weren't connected to the Studio tour. I honestly feel trapped right now, and just want to close the doors so I can get some things done. I have my tent set up outside the studio, full of abstracts. The hallway is full of my older figurative stuff. My studio is full of nudes. The necklaces are set up and looking pretty. I even bought balloons! It's not just me. No one is in downtown Paso. The stores are empty too. The economy is tanking and no one is shopping. The wind is gusting outside-they are predicting up to 30mph all weekend-so I'm terrified the tent will blow away...and my back hurts.

Yes, I'm whining. Forgive me. It would be nice to have a little audience for all my hard work, but I'd rather just close the door and have the day to myself.

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