Saturday, July 25, 2009

A nude for Sunday

Something Only She Knows 30x40"

I finished a new painting this week, and I'm so happy with the way it came out. These large ones are very special to me, and it takes months to do just one. From first conception, it often takes years before they come to fruition.

This one was teetering on being "finished" for weeks, but I kept making small adjustments; fine tuning the color arrangements, flow and overall solidity. There's always a moment (after working for hours), when I take a step back to look at the painting with fresh eyes. It either tells me it's done, or it's set aside to for another day. How do I know when it's done? It's when I can look at it as a whole, without my eyes being drawn to this part or that. It's when I know I haven't neglected any one part, trying to convince myself it's good enough. The whole painting settles, and in some way, becomes it's own entity. It tells me it's ready, and I let it go.


Andrew Kottenstette said...

"Concerto For Two Clavicles"?

No, I really love this. I especially like all the colors in the hair that create a kinetic, shimmering effect. Reminds me of other times when I would be exploring the endless variety of colors in someone's hair.

Mutrux Studio Blog said...

Thank you Andrew,

Cute title :)