Monday, August 4, 2008

Art Festival Review: Shell Beach

Yesterday was another art festival, Art in the Park at the Dinosaur caves in Shell Beach, CA. It was a gorgeous day, and this is my second show. It's my first time doing a show alone.

The day before, I was relaxed. Jeff and I packed the car with relative ease, and I slept like a baby. The show had an 8:00am set-up time, so I woke early, had a big breakfast, and set off on the 45 min drive to Pismo. Some ambitious artists were already set up when I arrived at 7:30, so I got my space assignment and went to work.

Art in the Park is located in a gorgeous park, right on the ocean. We weren't able to drive on the grass, so everything needed to be carried from the car. Lucky for me, I had an ally in my convertible dolly.

It's genius, and I was able to carry my whole tent in one trip.

Upon seeing my tent contraption-a very large mess of heavy poles and bags, people around me were shaking their heads, "that poor girl"… I stubbornly set to work, and with some difficulty, had the thing up by 9:30. The only casualty was my finger, which was bloodied by a shotgun bungee cord.

Once assembled, the tent was the envy of the show. I keep telling myself it was worth the extra cost and effort.
A burry cell phone pic:

This show had tents arranged in single rows, with people walking in front and behind the tent. With some quick thinking, I eliminated the back wall, allowing free access for people to walk through. I didn't realize most people would be walking on the grass, making my display backwards. Oh well. I'll get it right next time.

My reception was much different than the Cambria show. People were here to look at art. Being the new kid, my tent was intriguing to the locals, and the artists were very friendly. Sales started before I was completely set up, and continued throughout the day. I was only able to leave the tent once to run to the bathroom, and happy I ate that big breakfast. The only other food available was kettle corn and ice cream.

My new painting had lots of attention. :)

My improvement list for this show is much shorter than last time.

-bring a mirror (for necklaces)

-find a better necklace display

-bring many more prints (I sold out of most of them)

-stop selling cards and sell matted 5x7 prints instead

-get a banner sign

-devise a better way to display bio and business cards

-bring lunch

The most common phrases for the day:

"How did you get my picture?" (A joke made by women repeatedly). "YOU'RE" the artist?"

The oddest question of the day:

A girl asked me, as she was holding up a 5x7 card to the original painting, "how do you paint each one so perfectly?"

The best thing I bought since the last show:

My convertible dolly. In second place are the slightly more expensive, but biodegradable plastic bags for purchases.

I also discovered it was slightly uncomfortable eating a big frozen, chocolate & nuts covered banana in a tent full of nudes.

When the show was over, I broke down the tent with some help from a new friend, artist Abbey Onikoyi.

Here's his website:

I drove home exhausted, every bit of my body sore. It's much like moving out-and-into an apartment in one day. The next few weeks will be spent preparing for the next shows. This is what I've been practicing for.

Three shows in a row, starting off with another Art in the Park in Shell beach (Sept 7th), followed by Art Walk on the Bay in San Diego (Sept 13-14), and the Old Town San Diego Art Festival (Sept 20-21st). (Evidence of my masochistic tendencies)

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