Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Painting

Over the next few weeks, I'm working on an ambitious project:

Five 60x48" abstract expressionist paintings done oils. I'm nearly finished with the first one. It's a battle. I have paint everywhere, several ruined brushes and a badly bruised foot. While I enjoy the challenge of doing realism, these are my true favorites to paint. I love the texture and the process.

My original concept was to paint them all at once, on five massive easels positioned outside my studio. Since my studio is open to the public, I thought it would be an interesting thing for the folks to witness. To test my theory, I began this first one as an experiment, to test how the canvas and easel held up to the wind. Within the first hour, a gust of wind collapsed the easel on my foot-thus the bruise.

Anyhow, this is a quick blog, since it's past midnight and my eyes are shot. Here is a photo of the painting in it's unfinished state. I'll be posting more photos when I'm satisfied with it.

Title ideas: Creep, Shallow, Tidal.

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